How can I segregate the inventory of my one vendor?

I can see the inventory of my XYZ supplier alone, I have to see all the inventory which made me uncomfortable with this software.

is there any solution?

I need a report of inventory in out of my one supplier products.

Manager assumes that an inventory item is independent of its supplier. That is, you could buy the same olive oil in liter containers from ABC, DEF, or XYZ. If you want to make a distinction, you have two choices:

  • Enter the supplier’s name in the description. If you do this, the name will appear everywhere the description appears. If you sell inventory directly to customers, you might not want this to happen.
  • Create a custom field in inventory items for the supplier. Indicate it to show as a column.

With either method, you can then search for the supplier’s name in the Inventory Items listing. Note, however, that the Inventory Items listing gives you only current status, not history. For that, you need the Inventory Value Movement or Inventory Quantity Movement reports, which do not organize by descriptions or custom fields, but by item name.

Hi Thanks but how can I Create a Custom Field in inventory?

Your first resource should always be the Guides. In this case, Use custom fields | Manager.