An option in settings to customise the invoice no

Sorry to bounce back so soon. Actually as we are generating invoice, receipt ,payment vouchers or sales quote, order or invoices everytime we prefer to see for a reference number to make a easy lookup in the manager database through search. At present I can see that the reference number can either be checked to generate automatic or the user can enter it manually. But my request is what if the manager is given an option in settings tab to customise invoice no based on certain parameters, like for example if we are customising the invoice no in the settings it should have options like a particular prefix set by the user and the next to the prefix the serial no has to be generated automatically by manager .

Eg: settings tab
customising invoice no — Date when the business is created in the manager / year of the invoice /month of the invoice / Initials of the company / and number of the invoice.

So if company ABCD is formed on 14th july 2017 and we are creating the invoice this month the output should look like 14070619AB001
so 14 is the date and 07 is the month of the business created in a manager
06 is the month we are generating invoice and 19 is the year of the invoice
and AB is the company initials of the Business and 001 is the serial of the invoice.
so the next invoice would be
but if it comes to the next year the number would be like 14070120AB001
which means the invoice is generated in 1st of January 2020 with a serial no 001.

I just Didn’t see any such kind of option in the version of manager of I use but if u have already incorporated with the software please let me know thank you

this has been discussed few many times. please search the forum for similar topics before creating new ones.

I suspect what you would like is a custom field with an auto increment component. Several users have requested similar capability for various reasons however it appears that functionality is technically difficult so Lubos has instead changed the auto numbering system several times to satisfy most users.

Given the prior effort I think you will need to look at other ways of working with the current programs capabilities. Perhaps using the existing auto numbering together with a separate custom field?

For the life of me I don’t see the need for such a complicated invoice numbering system.
Even Multinationals don’t get that complex.

Having 1407 at the start with out the year, 2017, is meaningless. Just imagine in 5 years time, how does having 1407 and the company initials AB facilitate “a reference number to make a easy lookup”. They are perpetual static references.

An invoice numbering should be more dynamic, have relevance
This month (June) could be 1906001 then 1906002
Next month (July) would be 1907001 then 1907002
Next year (January) would 2001001 the 2001002

Then reading the invoice number tells a story without needing to do a search

Yup i agree with you i was just giving an example of what i mean.yeah sure i did it in complex way but all i was trying to give an example of what i meant and like i said it could be user preference to customise the prefix of invoice however way the user wants, either som complex or so simple, but the basic funda is the invoice number if given with a prefix like the date example you quoted would be easy for search and reference criteria for the user in the future to sort out things.

Yeah this would be a great idea, like using a custom field with auto numbering but then again i doubt that creating a custom field doesn’t show any option where to position the custom label in the output so even if we create a custom label it would be at the bottom of the page rather than next to the autonumbering slot. SO PLZ ADVISE

You can put a custom field anywhere you want with a custom theme. See That Guide introduces the concept of positioning custom fields and provides some basic examples. But it is not a detailed tutorial on Liquid programming. You might also want to add conditional logic to suppress the label of such a custom field. But all of that is beyond the scope of this forum.

All of this goes back to the question of whether there is any point to fancy invoice references. Manager already gives you the ability to sort and search by customer/supplier/payer/payee name, date, reference number, key words, amounts, status, and so on. There really seems to be little point to trying to squeeze such information into an invoice number. By the time you look all that information up in order to figure out what invoice number to look for, you would have already found the transaction.

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thank you !!! Well noted

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