Purchase Invoice Number

@lubos there should be auto generated number field for purchase invoices. take a real world example if a supplier show us some of our old purchase bill then we cannot be able to find it. by ussing purchase invoice number we can find any purchase invoice.

Purchase invoices do not have automatic sequence numbers because you are expected to enter the supplier’s sales invoice number. Remember, a purchase invoice is not a transaction initiated by your company, but instead a method for entering a transaction initiated by your supplier.

the supplier would only show their purchase invoice numbers and not any internal reference numbers saved by your office. if you enter the exact purchase invoice number in the already available Invoice Number field in Manager, you will never have any difficulty to track the purchase invoice.

i assume you are using the Invoice Number field to enter your own reference number and adding the actual purchase invoice number received in some description field. if this is the case, then you should correct your entries.
the guide clearly explains the purpose of each field on the purchase entry form.

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I want to ask something on here; I have lots of purchasing invoices - sometimes double entry occurs. Is there any chance to get a warn if you try to record the same p. invoce based on its number ?

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you may receive two purchase invoices with the same invoice number from two different suppliers.
a simple marking on the hard copy after making an entry in Manager will help you with this.

then i should think that manager should have a reference number field in purchase area

If you go to the Suppliers tab and click on the blue Invoices number for the supplier, you see a list of all purchase invoices from that supplier:

You can sort and search by date, number, or invoice total. How would it not be possible to find the transaction unless you did not enter it? (And if that’s the origin of a problem and the reason you are looking, the failure to find it points out directly what is wrong.)