Request for Customer/Supplier Code On Reports

Customer and/or supplier summary reports are not showing the respective customer/supplier code before it’s name. In some cases, I have two or more customers or suppliers where I differentiate them with code and I see the code printed along with name separated by " - " on Aged Receivables and Aged Payables reports, but I don’t see it on the customer/supplier summary. It is very difficult to differentiate between multiple customers/suppliers with the same name on these reports.

I have put this into the ideas category.

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Great, thanks, Tut. :+1:

Hi @Tut , I would like to request the same for one more report i.e. Sales Invoice Totals by Customer

Same goes for General Ledger Transactions

Hi @Tut, I don’t see this topic in the ideas category yet, does it take some time in approval from admin or else?

No, it just requires that I slow down and click the right button—a checkmark instead of an X. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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Hi @lubos, I hope this is a small change for the three reports mentioned in this topic as it is already showing the customer code on Aged Receivables. Any plans of implementing this in near future? What is the criteria or vote count for a topic (which is in ideas category) to be implemented?

There are no published criteria.

Oh okay. Thanks for your reply, @Tut!

I would like forum members to kindly vote for this. The functionality is already given and working in Aged Receivables and Aged Payables reports. It just needs to be implemented for following four reports in the Manager program. Thanks!

  1. Customer Summary
  2. Supplier Summary
  3. Sales Invoice Totals by Customer
  4. General Ledger Transactions

Added to the latest version (21.1.14)

@lubos, the codes are not showing consistently on the General Ledger Transactions report. They show for transactions posted to balance sheet accounts, but not for those posted to P&L accounts.