Request for Customer/Supplier Code On Reports

Customer and/or supplier summary reports are not showing the respective customer/supplier code before it’s name. In some cases, I have two or more customers or suppliers where I differentiate them with code and I see the code printed along with name separated by " - " on Aged Receivables and Aged Payables reports, but I don’t see it on the customer/supplier summary. It is very difficult to differentiate between multiple customers/suppliers with the same name on these reports.

I have put this into the ideas category.

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Great, thanks, Tut. :+1:

Hi @Tut , I would like to request the same for one more report i.e. Sales Invoice Totals by Customer

Same goes for General Ledger Transactions

Hi @Tut, I don’t see this topic in the ideas category yet, does it take some time in approval from admin or else?

No, it just requires that I slow down and click the right button—a checkmark instead of an X. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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