'Customer credits' is not working

My chart of account contains ‘Customer credits’.

But it is not showing in ‘Receive money’ in ‘Cash accounts’. Is there any option to activate it or is there anything to do before activate it?

Please help in this problem. Thanks in advance.

When you Receive Money use Accounts Receivable and then select Customer (we had a change here).


look what I see when I click Customers Credits from the Summary tab…

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@dhnchandan there has been a restructure in this area - read the below topic

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Thank you very much.

Not going to lie. I am in panic mode here.

I normally take funds in advance for clients. We then hold those funds until they approve the billing and then we apply the funds to unpaid invoices…

I am so very lucky that I only have one customer with funds in advance at this moment. This is not normally the case.

Under liabilities I show ‘Customer credit’ on my Summary screen. This is the amount held in advance for the above mentioned client. How do I apply this to their invoice?

From a historic/records prospective, will there be a patch to show how these funds were moved around and who they belonged to as opposed to the blank fields as already shown in the previous post (image three above, first post)? This is critical to my business…

Lastly How am I to handle taking funds in advance for customers? By the sounds of the above if I take $1000 on Monday that will be held in advance (customer credit) but if I generate a invoice on Friday for $500 then instantly there will only be $500 in advance…. This will not work for our current system.

The system wasn’t broken from our prospective and this update has completely halted all accounting at my company until we understand the workaround…

My vote is change it back… If that isn’t an option PLEASE make this easy to handle and track both future and historical. If the fix is going to be a long time coming how can I download a older version of this and just run that (Ubuntu 16.04).

Respectfully an otherwise very happy customer of your product (both free and paid)

When you say “until they approve the billing”, is that billing a Manager sales invoice ? If yes, how did you manage to keep the advance separated to apply later ? If they were held as Customer Credits didn’t they get automatically applied when the sales invoice was created.

Anyhow to resolve your current situation, when you receive those funds in advance post them to a BS Liability account - “Funds in Advance” - this would replace Customer Credits. Then when the billing is approved, transfer those funds to Accounts Receivable - Customer - Invoice.

This way would also provide a more visible tracking of the funds.

In fact, this would have been the more correct procedure to have adopted in the past, as using Customer Credits implies that the account had been overpaid, where in fact the funds in advance were payments held in trust until a future event occurred.

Are you saying you don’t want $500 to be automatically applied to an invoice issued on Friday? In other words, you insist on having a customer who owes $500 and at the same time has $1000 credit?

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Yes, our billing model is nearly identical to an attorney’s or consultant in our area, I know things are done better in other areas of the world, but this is how things are done in my area and until we become big enough to influence change we have to play the game…

Here is how it works.
1.) Customer retains us with contracts and advance funds.
2.) We preform work as stated in contracts.
3.) Client receives invoice for work complete and has 10 days to contest it.
4.) After 10 days we apply funds from advance and continue work…
5.) Per contract terms and client needs if initial advance funds are less than estimated total needed for job then when funds drop below X they have to replenish their account.


As for applying the funds in the liability account customer credit how do I get those out… when attempting a journal entry it isn’t in the drop down anywhere… I have explored other areas of the software and haven’t fond a way to move that money anywhere…

EDIT: meaning the funds from the one client that has funds in advance at this time… The explanation above for future operations makes sence and we will test it today…

Thanks everyone… Best thing about Manager is it works and it is open source, Second best thing is the community…

You would edit the original Receive Money transaction and change the selected Account

@S2_Consultant, your use-case is valid. There is actually new module coming up called Special accounts (can’t come up with better name yet).

Special accounts will basically facilitate ability to have custom sub-subsidiary ledgers. You could create custom sub-subsidiary ledger for these customers so when you receive funds from them which need to be isolated from accounts receivable, you would allocate it to their special account.

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Assuming that the sub-subsidiary ledgers would be applicable to both Customers & Suppliers:
How about “Advance Payments” which is exactly what they are
Special is just to vague and unspecialised

Maybe the name will be different. The idea is to be able to create custom accounts within custom control accounts.

You will be able to create “Advance payments” control account and then create custom accounts within this control account.

This is useful if you have perhaps 30 custom accounts which you want to treat as a sub-subsidiary ledger (rather than showing all 30 custom accounts directly on balance sheet)

I like the idea of sub-accounts. I look forward to reviewing that feature.

As a update for the thread:
Thank you for the guidance, I have moved the funds out of Liabilities – Customer Credits

I took in a new client yesterday late and will attempt to set up and deal with advance funds through a new liabilities account. My first attempt was not as clean as I would have liked but I was rushed and may have not implemented it the best way possible.

Thanks everyone.

In case you were doing this, you don’t have to set up a new Liabilities Advance Funds for each client.
Just have one Advanced Funds Clearing account and when you get new funds just do a Receive Money with the Account = Advanced Funds Clearing.

Then when the time comes via a Journal transfer the funds from Advanced Funds Clearing to Accounts Receivable - Customer - Invoice