Will manager be ’ SuperStream’ compliant ?

I am just learning about this and I think super contributions need to be in a electronically compatible format going forward . The ATO has produces a list of software programs but Manager isn’t on it .


If you are a small business have a look at the ATO Small Business Superannuation Clearing House.
Manager is already compliant with the ATO Single touch payroll but not yet listed on ATO No-cost and low-cost solutions for Single Touch Payroll page


I have another question …

Just recently I signed up for cloud edition but didn’t realise I needed to log in every time I needed to use Manager . Instead I was selecting the icon in my doc and just working in the desktop version and only just realised this so tried to import my work into the cloud version but it said the file was invalid .


Actually , the reason could be be because I am not using the latest desktop version of Manager .

So what is the best safest way of updating that , so then the file should transfer across ?

The Guides are always a good place to start, the search works quite well.
In this case I think you are looking for Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager

It sounds like you tried to import the downloaded application itself instead of a backup. Manager will import and convert backups from older versions of the program, so that is not your problem.

Thanks again

Yes , I am re visiting some emails from Tut when I first started using manager and had a similar difficulty .

Well , I just imported the whole business again from the desktop version which seemed like the simplest solution and worked fine .
But why don’t I have an icon for the cloud version that I am using ?
The desktop version remains in the dock …

The cloud version runs on another computer. You access it via a web browser and internet connection, probably here. You can make it easier to find the web location by:

  • Bookmarking it in your web browser
  • Saving a web link on your desktop or dock

You can make it harder to accidentally running the local Manager program by

  • Removing the dock link
  • Removing desktop links
  • or uninstalling the desktop version

You may want your local computer support person to help you with this

Ok , thanks Patch
I will do as you suggest and bookmark the link …

oh dear

Now having updated everything my email settings need to be also and I am not having any luck here .
Outgoing server iCloud , username my email address and password I assume being my apple id and selecting both ports on offer .


No. The SMTP server is the one given to you by your email provider. Your username is normally not your full email address. And the password is the one that goes with the username by which you access your email account, not your Apple ID. See,

In the end I contacted apple support to discover I needed to create an app specific password in order to successfully to complete the set up because I have an iCloud email address .