Software Questions


I recently installed this software for use with my first business and whilst chatting to a friend who has been running their business for a few years, they asked me the following about the Manager software. Does the software have the functionality quationed? Cheers

Does it include updates? And link to correct tax tables?
Does it have a back up should my PC break?
Do you have online support if you need it (I assume this forum is the online support)?
Can you export data to excel etc?
Can you export into other accounting and payroll software later if my business grows
Does it comply with the ATO?


Yes. If you use the cloud edition, you are updated automatically. Otherwise, you must update yourself.

No, but there are many built-in tax rates and the ability to create custom rates of your own.

Yes. But it is not automatic unless you set things up so your data file is stored remotely.



No, but you can’t really do that with other software either. Accounting programs all have their own unique data structures. There are also no limits in Manager to the size of your business.

That depends on what you mean by “comply.” Many Australian companies use it, and there is a built-in GST calculation worksheet for BAS.

By this I am assuming you mean employment PAYG tax tables - No
Only the various GST tax rates

Just to add to this, if you go to ATO Tax Calculator site:
You can work out what the Tax Withheld amount should be.

Then, using Payroll in Manager, set up a recurring PaySlip with that amount of Tax Withheld and you don’t have to worry about it again until the next Financial Year, or Pay Rates change.