Invoice Summary on the Summary page


Is there a way to have the Invoices that are currently outstanding (eg unpaid) to be showing on the summary page ?


Not directly listed, but if you click on the Accounts Receivable balance (blue figure), you will get a listing of Customer with balances owing, then, if you click on a Customer’s balance (blue figure), you will get a list of unpaid invoices.

Alternatively, click on the Sales Invoices tab and any unpaid invoices based on due date should be listed first.

Or, click on the Customers tab, then click on the column heading “Accounts Receivable” and this will sort the display from largest owing to smallest - clicking again will toggle (resort) the list from smallest to largest.

Thanks Brucanna,

Would have been nice to be able to see it all on the summary page, but this is still a good solution…