Balance Due/Advances from Customers

Hello Dear Admin,
I am Using Manager from long time and enjoying it alot. it is helping me in managing things very well. I just need to know or you can say i have a request to make that e.g. In the page of customer or supplier. we get balances of what are our receivables and payables. To make it more clear i tell you an example of a customer.
For example. I have a receivable of $100 but that customer pays me $150. It means he has paid me $50 in advance.
In the customer page it shows in negative and deducts from total. I think it should be shown in seperate column of Advances but it does not. Can you help me out in this matter

Right now, there is no way for you to change this behavior. The reason is that customer/suppliers are actually subaccounts of Accounts receivable/payable. The balance displayed is of a single account, not separate payments and deposits. Such deposits used to be sorted into distinct, automatic accounts, Customer/Supplier credits. But those were eliminated as part of streamlining the input process.

Thanks for your Kind Reply. But would it be possible in the future that manager could distinct what is receivable/payable and what is unearned income/prepayments.
Second topic is when we make/ receive payment of any invoice. In the invoice selection bar it should only show the unpaid invoices rather then all. Isn’t this better.
Thanks and Regards