Summary Page

When I open Manager and the summary page comes up, it doesn’t show any of the information I have put in. Also on the Reports Page it keeps asking to set date. I have set it many times, but it won’t let me make the report. Am I doing something wrong? Please help. I am way behind on my work. Thanks.

To add to my last, the only thing I can open is the General Ledger Summary.

You need to show some screen images to clarify the problem - undoubtedly you have set or reset some parameter inadvertently which is causing the problem

Also what edition and version of Manager are you using?

Opening Manager does not bring up the Summary page. You must first select a business on the Businesses page.

There is no date to set for the Reports tab. Dates are set when defining individual reports of specific types. As @Joe91 said, you need to furnish much more information.

Reports become available as related tabs are activated. In some cases, they only become available when the first related entry is made. Again, more information is needed.

Did you get my last message with the link to see the screenshots?

No, you can’t send links / screen shots in a message - you need to post them in the forum

I usually use the Windows Snipping Tool, capture the screen I want, copy and paste into the message box

Ok I will try