Summary Page - Wages & Salaries

Someone please help me to know, how wages & salaries value will show in summary page, as I am not able to book & pay wages & salaries expenses.

Regards JG

read below guides.



I am also struggling with this point. I create payslips and clear them to the Employee Liability Account. These are however not showing in the Summary and or in the Profit and Loss account. I have not been able to locate the default Wages & Salary Account. I have studied the guides.

Check the reporting period you have set for the Summary: If your reporting period does not include the transaction dates of your payslips, they will not be included on the Summary page. The same thing is true for the Profit and Loss Statement under the Reports tab.

Wages & salaries appears automatically in the Expenses group when the Employees tab is first enabled. See If the Employees tab is not enabled, you cannot create payslips.

You also may not have properly defined payslip items, as described in the above link.

Thank you for your response. I checked the summary tab. I have posted screen shots. I still cannot locate the wages and salaries account.


  1. Go to Setting -> Payslip items -> define your payslip items such as “Base Salary”, Overtime" etc. They will default to the the system “Wages & salaries” account.

  2. In your payslip, select your previously defined payslip items

Thank you very much @Patch. This resolved my problem.

@Luther_Rukira, the solution @Patch gave you was explained in the second link I sent you in my first response 2 days ago. You did not read it, or you would have had your answer much sooner and avoided the need to capture all those screen shots. That Guide contains important information for other payroll functions, as well. I suggest reading it, even though your first problem was solved.

Thank you, will do.