Created two payslips and paid them

I am really new to this program and i really like it … I am paying myself every week the same amount i set up the taxes and all but after paying looking at my summary i do not see any thing in wages and salaries… i have a (-1000.00) in equity under suspense…does anyone know where i am doing this wrong

How are you doing this, via a payslip or via a Spend Money.
The Wages & salaries account only receives entries/posts from the Payslip tab.

In that case, the transactions making up that suspense balance are missing proper accounts.

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I will look at this now

it worked i did not selected wages i left it suspense

same problem as @Jamie_Garrison
But in my Payslip tab… Wages and salaries account was not Displaying…its just display Suspense as a default…and no other account in drop-down list… what to do?

  1. Do you have a Wages & Salaries account listed under the Summary tab - P&L, if yes that’s good, if no then you need to create an Employee first before that account will appear.

  2. Under Settings - Payslip Items have you created a Payslip Earning Item, this is where the Wages & Salaries account is allocated.

  1. Then under the Payslip tab you select the “name” of the earnings item - not the account

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Did you read the Guides:

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