Suggestions on features for inventory

I have some more suggestions, as bellow.

  1. In inventory management & invoice generating, it display back order when ever we generate the invoice without stock. So one main improvements need by my side will be… software will need to stop the user to generate the invoice without items in stock…can display the message “not enough stock QTY” or “no stock”… (Currently we can generate as many invoice as we need without items in stock, current system only display the back order qty… )

  2. Each Items of inventory have different-different QTY/value to maintain the minimum stock… which will be user configurable… so whenever the stock items QTY will be bellow that defined minimum qty/value of that item, “manager” will pop up the new screen or message or generate reminder for the user to back order that item… so user can easily manage different different minimum stock qty requirements of each items.


The reason your suggestion is not feasible is because many companies create invoices for inventory items they have not yet purchased. In some cases, they purchase only after the invoice is paid. In others, they purchase as the invoice is written and the items are shipped from a manufacturer or distributor. Sometimes, they enter production orders only after creating an invoice to manufacture the item.


Ya, you true, But as per me above idea are good.
So as per me solution is…, People can generate Invoice without stock. But Manager will show the notification that there are ‘not enough stock’. Manager will notify that Do you still want to generate the Invoice without enough stack???.. So this is the solution as per me for both type of users.

Because I am in electronic industry, there are so many components and we need real stock every time when generate the invoice…and will also need to maintain the minimum stock. So as per me above suggestion for the inventory features are too good for all.

In real-world that doesn’t really work. You still need to manually check if you have stock on hand no matter what software says. What if stock has been stolen, damaged or not yet delivered. What if person who is entering purchases is sick and didn’t enter the fact stock has been purchased. So you have stock on hand but Manager refuses to create invoice because purchases haven’t been entered into the system.

The only reason why some accounting systems don’t let you sell if you don’t have a stock is because these accounting systems don’t support concept of negative inventory. But ability for accounting system to deal with negative inventory is essential even if you never get into negative inventory situation. Why? Because on accrual-basis, you might never deal with negative inventory but what if you generate reports on cash-basis? What if you are retailer who makes cash sales but pays suppliers many days or weeks after the product is sold. This is negative inventory on cash-basis.

As for monitoring minimum stock levels, that will be added when warehousing is implemented.



1 thing I want to correct that. Even we have no stock we can generate Invoice …thats a good thing, But I just tell that “Manager will be show one pop-up message that, this item was/will be out of stock”. It also helps people like me.
and I will love to Waiting for the implementation of warehousing feature … :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

Hello Lubos If possible then Please Implement the minimum stock level As soon as possible. As Warehousing feature are already Implemented. waiting for this feature. Thanks Manager Team for all the features.

Hello Lubos, Whenever you implemented this, Please update me. Or in manager Forum, Thanks.

If the system can prompt the user of no inventory from the records entered into it, that would be good. The idea is not to prevent the transaction but to warn the user that inventory is zero or less per the records it holds.


Good day Lubos, by way of follow up, when is the warehousing feature going to be implemented in Manager? It is critical for my type of business as we keep large volumes of stock and we need frequent alerts on stock level at warehouse.

What you ask about has already been implemented for several months. “Warehouses” are called “inventory locations” and are set up under Settings. But this is different from monitoring minimum stock levels. That capability does not exist in terms of providing an alert notice. You need to actually look at inventory quantities.