Suggestion to be able to name P&L Statement (Actual vs. Budget)

Having multiple budget (reports) for different periods or the same periods and different purposes it would be nice to be able to ‘Name’ the budget.

Going into the Profit and Loss Statement (Actual vs Budget) I can’t tell them apart since I have more than one with the same date ranges. Could we add a ‘Budget Name’ that is saved with each budget? It could be displayed as an additional column the report list (currently the only columns are From and To).

Thanks for considering.

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I have separated your suggestion as a new topic for visibility and put it into the Ideas category.


I agree with this suggestion and hope it’s implemented, although for me personally it would be a low priority as I generally have one main budget for each period.

I hope that we can move forward soon with all the feature requirements of the budget as its a good start, but is still quite basic. but I agree, being able to name the budgets would be good as well.

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Added to the latest version (18.3.9)

Thank you Lubos!