Any improvement to budget feature?

I’m now wish the budget feature to be extensive, that can make comparative report by monthly. I don’t think calling budget is complete or the right word when you can select income account like sales. :sweat_smile:

What do you mean by that? One budget compared to multiple months? Or multiple budgets compared to multiple months? The main issue is number of columns. There is only so much that can fit horizontally.

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I guess is not possible for manager to display the page horizontally? Since it might compare monthly PnL and the budget side by side up to like 25 columns. Or! Stick to verticle(portray) display but limited the columns for 6 (3+3) or 4 (2+2) for custom define periods. (3 pnl period columns + 3 budget period columns).

The right word maybe limited defined periods per budget report.

You mean landscape? It could be done. Actually it’s something I want to add at some point since some reports would really benefit this.

What is your use case? Why do you prefer to have multiple budgets comparisons on single report?

The ability to print the budget for an entire year plus the total - so 14 columns.
Account name + 12 months + Total in the P&L COA format

Basically is for benchmarking, the ideal of report that Manager has the potential to produce is Key Performance Indicator, In which can be drill down combo with Tracking code. (One of the reason I ask for multi-level group for tracking code feature). In addition, able to export to .tsv or if possible export to excel format for further dynamic analysis using excel software.

For a start, I usually use it to check the trend of each months expenses (or income) against the defined budget (or goal) which factor by holidays or any noteable events as to whether we make promotion to specific expected customer group.

If Manager able to show by days within that particular month, it will be powerful tools to analyse the shortcoming of business model, setup or pricing. Although the small retail business owners might need to purchase cash register to accomodate fast transaction for sales.

The budget also can also report other way for instance, we have Defined For the account ‘Sales’ to reach for example 12,000$, We can narrow it to that particular account and show us the clients’ accounts that contribute numbers in ‘Sales’ account, then we custom proportion the budget amount of 12,000$ to these clients’ account.


Can be use in case of inventory or non-inventory items similarly as the above. For ‘Sales’ account.

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