Budget input

Dear @lubos,

I find the budget function fundamental but the actual way to create it and input data makes it almost useless especially if you have a very long chart of accounts. Can you imagine a way to batch create it?


and to enter 12 months at the same time

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It would be great to have an input from excel

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How about if you could copy an actual profit & loss statement into the P&L with budget using Copy to button?

That would be a great starting point and a great speed up. Please consider also adding the possibility of a Copy to from an existing budget.

But I think that a batch create update should be a fundamental step since most of the time all the numbers comes from an excel projection. And my case also different prices from different guys from different departments.

Could a new P&L Statement (Actual vs Budget) type report be created, allowing input on the edit screen of budget numbers by account for each month of a 12 month period, either manually or from an Excel spreadsheet? Currently a report to contain budget numbers has to be created for each month in a 12 month period.

In addition, is there any way that a new P&L Statement (Actual vs Budget) monthly report, based on the above mentioned new report, could be created with two additional columns displaying Year To Date Actual vs Budget? An additional set of From & To date fields would have to be added to the report edit screen to permit selecting the YTD dates for these additional columns. This monthly report would display the accumulated actual & budget numbers Year To Date by account & could be printed, exported or copied to the clipboard for reporting purposes.

Iā€™m starting to think that doing all the reporting in Manager maybe is not the best solution. Maybe Lubos should consider creating a plugin for connecting Manager to excel BI in order to do this kind of reporting with ease leaving the actual basic report with some improvements inside Manager.