Suggestion: Production Order

  1. Ability to set the production order as completed and what quantity has actually been produced against the production order.

  2. The name of Finished Goods is not shown as a column under Production Orders.
    It would be a great improvement if the finished good is automatically added as a column when viewing the production orders. This would ease identifying what is produced and also sort accordingly. The Description field is normally used to enter any specific instructions.

  3. Two default boxes where in one box the user can input the product serial number if any. The second box automatically populates the last product serial number with reference to the quantity of finished good entered.

  4. If the user has utilized the above boxes for product serial numbers, the same should appear as a default column when selecting that particular inventory item under Sales invoice.

@lubos Anything on this?

As you know Production order is just an order. The quantity mentioned in the production order does not assure the whole quantity is actually produced. A production may consist of various stages and few numbers may fail at say the testing stage and would not count towards the actual quantity produced. In such a case there should be an ability to set the status of a particular production order as to how many are actually produced against the same.

When this happens, the following should be considered:

  1. The user can decide if the bill of materials included for the non produced number of goods should go back to their initial stock quantity.

  2. The user can manually tick and enter the quantity of the inventory materials used as BOM to be allocated back to the inventory quantity. (This is mostly the case because some inventory items may get damaged and cannot be put back in stock)