Location as column in Production Orders

can you please add the option to show Location as a column under Production Orders?
a check box for the same would be sufficient which can be set as a default under Form Defaults.

we as a manufacturing company have a really hard time tracking the location where a product was produced from the production orders list. having the location as a column can help us sort the list accordingly.

also, i had previously requested to show the finished good as a column in the production order list. i understand that it would not be practical when the production order is updated to enable production of multiple finished goods. but irrespective of a single or multiple finished good, it would be beneficial to most users if a check box to show each as a column is provided against each line.
a list of production orders that does not show what has been produced is similar to showing a list of sales invoices which does not show to whom they were issued.

i hope you understand the need and consider both the requests.

Added to the latest version (18.5.54)

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thank you @lubos. this would save a lot of our productive time.