Suggestion for Sales Orders total

Would be nice, if we can see the total of sales order at bottom, like Sales Invoices;


Please be more specific. Are you referring to the Sales Orders tab listing of all sales orders or something else? If so, what is the accounting utility, since that number will just get bigger and bigger over multiple accounting periods? Remember that sales orders have no accounting impact.

With sales invoices, the list shows not only total of invoice amounts but also balances due, which is of current accounting interest.

This is when I click Sales Order from the left handside menu.

Actually I am deleting all the Sales Orders when finished.

So at this screen I am only seeing the Active Sales Orders. This way, I can easily follow my orders.

I am checking balances of customers, from customers tab or sales invoices.

I would like to see how much is my total orders.

So lets say you want to have min $1000 of sales each month, if we have this automatic calculation, it will be easier this way.


You can export the list to a spreadsheet and get totals, customer sorts, or anything else you want there. You can also add custom fields for status and set to show as a column. Then you don’t need to delete completed orders and you will always have a record of them.

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I will try exporting, thank you;

There is an upcoming feature to make this very convenient. You wouldn’t have to delete records to monitor sales order or use custom fields to monitor the status of sales and purchases orders which always brings erros, see topic here