Show totals when filtering by customer or supplier

I want to request you to add a feature in order to track quantity of sold inventory to specific customer. The reports shows total quantity only and can’t be filtered by client. I noticed that it can be done by viewing specific inventory and then filter by searching specific customer’s name, but I found no total row at the bottom part, whereas transaction module, sales invoice module has the ability to track totals by filtering/searching specific client name. Please see attached pics for clarity.

You can notice how above pics gives you shortcut info on the specific client’s total invoices value, balances, and receipts in ledger/register module. Of course client statement can be helpful as well. But this is neat and handy.
Likewise, can’t we implement same ideology to inventory module to identify total purchased qty of certain/all product by specific client?

This will be very useful to track sales of each inventory and decide to sourcing and purchasing. Please consider to implement.

is this not useful at all or nobody have noticed this post yet?

The latest version (16.8.24) will show total under Qty column when viewing inventory item transactions.

many thanks @lubos