Suggestion for custom fields to be shown on top

Hi @lubos , please add custom fields related to customers be shown on top, in-line with the customer name fields.

@ibadlon, your post was moved to its own topic because it was unrelated to the one where you originally posted it.

What you ask for is already available. The checkbox for it appears only after checking the box to show the field on printed documents:

I believe this is related to original topic where i replied.

What i meant was to be able to show on edit screen, with the same logic as the SKU custom field that is immediately populated after choosing the item.

Can you demonstrate with screenshot what you expect to happen when you select a customer?

This is the scenario for me. In my case, there are customers which owns many companies.


In this, i was hoping that in the edit screen in sales invoice, we have an option that a custom field for customer can be added beside the customer field.


Others might be able to use it for different purpose.

@ibadlon, what you ask for would actually require hierarchies within a customer’s subsidiary register under Accounts receivable. It would be a huge and complex change, not just the addition of a custom field.

i am not knowledgeable in these hierarchies you mentioned. i only requested this since @lubos has implemented a feature that auto-populates an SKU (custom field) after selecting an item. i though such logic can be replicated to satisfy this request.