Sales / Purchase Orders

Dear @lubos,

can you add custom titles also to sales and purchase orders?


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I second this nomination!

It would also help data entry speed by placing the “Custom Title” field at the top of the entry form…very good memnonic and control.

Also allow an option to show form level at the top, rather than the bottom.

As a basic design philosophy, Manager shows all non-essential fields and options for all forms near the bottom of their entry screens. If you are concerned about repeatedly scrolling down to change something, set whatever it is as a form default and you will never have to.

If, by “form level,” you are referring to custom themes, that is an option that does not even appear until additional themes are activated. Fields placed at the top of forms are those that are always or almost always necessary for all users. The point is to simplify entry as much as possible for the majority of users.

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