An Option to Show Payslip Earnings/Deductions/Contributions on print view

I need a way to show Payslip Earnings/Deductions/Contributions on print view/theme. Any ideas how to do this?

It has been requested many times, it hasnt been implemented because some companies my have a very long table which will not fit on an A4 paper.

i however still support the idea of it being implemented because, a company may have 10 columns just for earnings (a company wherr earnings are based on the project you work on for a period) and 5 more for deductions. Another company may have just 1 earning and 2 deductions. So too many columns shouldn’t be an excuse for not having this report.

i have an Idea though, @lubos why dont you maintain the current reports for payslips and then create a new report which will not be displayed on A4 or on a sheet but in a TSV format which will be exported by the user onto spreadsheet.

Showing the earnings, deductions, and net and also the contributions all in one table will save users a lot of time.


Where are you referring to, @BAROK? A payslip? A report?

I think has been solved by adding Payslip Summary report 2 months ago which shows totals for all earnings, deduction and contribution items on a single report.