Suggestion for batch create to other features

Hi, I would like to suggest to have a Batch create to Sales invoice, Production Order, Inventory Transfer, Cash Transaction. I’m Cloud User. Please send a Feedback Asap.

these were discussed many times. please search the forum for related topics before posting new questions.

I already read the forum but I just want let you know as a Cloud User, We want to implement or develop as soon as possible the batch create and other features. please help us. because that’s the one thing we need right now.

i do not understand the need of what you have suggested.
what will you do in Manager if you are going to use external programs for making sales invoices, production orders, inventory transfer, cash transaction, etc.?

let me show you the sample. on sale invoice,
I have to encode all items so it’s hard for me to encode all items if will be more than 100. my question is there is anything way or uploads the excel file to sales invoice. same with the customer.

just like this.


it is impossible to import sales invoices as per my knowledge.
the sales invoice is a financial transaction affecting various accounts.
even if it was possible the work would be even more compared to making an invoice in Manager itself.

you also have Clone option in Manager to make a replica invoice.

why it’s impossible if it is possible to the customer? just so you know in my one business we have almost 10,000 transactions in one day, just to minimize our workload, I just think that if it is possible to have a batch create to sales invoice, production, and cash transaction. do you have any recommendation aside clone?

Customers are a list of items where everything has a fixed home - address goes to address.
Customers aren’t financial transactions where there are many variables - differing accounts, taxes etc.

ok Got it. thanks

hi, I noticed that on Sales invoice there is no Inventory location. I’m a cloud user. what happened?

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