Suggestion - Date Format should not use current date

Below is a screenshot of what the date selection drop-down looks like at the moment. You’ll notice that it’s using the current date (today is 11th September for me). Twelve times a year, this is confusing.

While I don’t have a screenshot for two days ago, it would’ve been impossible to distinguish between 09/09/2017 and 09/09/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy), and the same issue would apply for all other formats where the only difference is the ordering of the numbers.

I’d suggest that a fixed date be used instead. Any date where the ‘day’ value is greater than 12 would suffice.

Here’s an example from another system we use at work (also captured today):

20 PM

If that screenshot had been taken two days ago, on the 9th of September, it would still be clear which is the day and which is the month.

Manager could use a fixed day (e.g. 20), but dynamically use the current month and/or year. It’d still solve the problem.


Fixed in the latest version (17.9.80). When current day digit is the same as month digit, Manager will simply show examples as at 1 day earlier thus avoiding this issue.

Excellent, that certainly solves the issue. Thank you.