Monthwise Report of Inventory items in units

Is it possible to see month wise quantities sold of each inventory. This will help in planning for procurement of inventory items based on monthly averages and to keep inventory level at optimum level.

Will appreciate your reply. Thanks

There is a report Inventory Quantity Movement which you can enable under Reports tab.

Thanks for reply. All the inventory reports are very useful particularly the one showing profit per item.

I am looking for a sales report e.g for the period January to May . The report shows the total quantity sold during this period. Is it possible to just see only Sales in quantity separately for each month in one report.

The reason, I need this report is that certain items which I sell are seasonal in nature. Above monthly pattern will enable me to identity the months in which I can plan to have higher inventory. Lead time for availability of goods are usually 2 to 3 weeks.

I shall be thankful if you help me to get this simple only Sales Report

Best regards