Subscription in USD

Hi all,
How much do I pay for license in US dollars?

That’s on the web site.

Sorry @Tut but it does not show in USD but in his case in Naira as Manager defaults the currecny to the national currency based on IP address in his case Nigeria. See screenshot:

Example of Nigeria (VPN), monthly payment in Naira:

@glowhite will get a quote in Naira which can not be used. So he needs a quote in another currency. . @glowhite to know the USD amount use a VPN and select USA. Then go to Pricing | Manager and you will see the following where you need to proceed using a USD card or transfer from a Nigerian Domiciliary USD account (all banks in Nigeria have those) or let an overseas friend pay.

Example of USA (VPN) Annual payment in USD:

My apology. You used to be able to select and see the price in any currency.

What happens if you sign up for an account, then log in and change your payment method to a US credit card?