How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I cancel my cloud subscription?

I tried sending an email to

Waiting on response. If no reply. I will go to my bank and have them sort it out.

Customer service is my problem. There is no number to call when you need help.

In the above thread did you try the suggestion

I suspect it is now called “Manage subscription”

You would likely be trying to get an answer in the middle of the night. NGSoftware is in Australia. There is an email address at the bottom of the customer service screen. Have you emailed?

For that matter, I notice you have never tried obtaining help on the forum, which is the primary source of assistance after the Guides. Do you have specific questions or problems? Or do you just feel the need to have someone to call? If the latter, that is not the support model for Manager, and the program may not be for you as a result.

I have questions about everything. I think I messed up the whole thing.

Employees pay advances
Refund for customers
National insurance contributions for employees and employers

There is no one who will walk you through an entire business setup. But you should start reading the Guides. Build a test company (as suggested in one of the Guides). There is no limit to the number of businesses you can create. You can get rid of them later or keep them around for experimentation.

Thank you

Agree and it is the key to understanding how best to used Manager. A test company with a single transaction is the easiest way of seeing what it does and if it is the easiest way of achieving what you want. At the start it is worth trying several options to find the one you like the best.

I suggest you read the table of contents for the guides. It will give you an overview of what information is readily available. Then look in detail at particular guides which sound relevant to your current problem.

For a cash sale see Record a payment | Manager

  • enter a payment
  • select contact → Customer → the customer
  • Enter line items depending on the details of what happened (physical product returned in new sale condition → probably to sales account to reverse the prior sale, vs returned item not re-saleable → cost of sales account)

For invoice sale see Pay a refund | Manager

This thread may help About cash advance for employees - #3 by Abeiku

I suspect that is done via payslip items, see
Payslips: Set up payslip items | Issue payslips | Set up and manage recurring payslips

By the way, I find setting up a recurrent payslip for each employee valuable. Enter what ever is constant for each employee (items & rates) the add the extra details when each payslip is generated.

I have been trying to manage my cloud subscription (basically to change my plan from US DOLLAR to NGN NAIRA). I couldn’t find how to change my plan or manage plan on my billing portal. Please assist

Check Frequently Asked Questions | Manager

Based on other users’ posts to the forum, you may not be able to subscribe using NGN Naira, due to restrictions on account transactions imposed by your government.

Dear Tut, thanks for the clarity.

However, am aware that there is a restriction on naira account but I will still use my dollar account to make the payment even for the naira subscription.

It worked on my other cloud subscription

See the several topics on Naira like Subscription in USD - #3 by eko

You can pay as you did from a US$ account as CBN does not allow Naira cards to be used for payments outside of Nigeria. Manager thus can not accept payments in Naira and therefore @Lubos should look into not displaying an amount based on local currencly if users can not pay him in that currency. So should for IP addresses that originate from Nigeria and similar countries to a USD or GBP price and payment method. It is a sad situation but one can not blame Manager for not being able to be paid in Naira, it is a CBN thing.

Thank you.
Let me try and explain further…
Am not paying in NGN naira, am paying with my dollar card (just like I did with my other cloud subscription) but with NGN conversion.

If i use my dollar card to make payment with the NGN subscription, the tarrif or charges are somewhat lower than using my dollar card to pay for US subscription.


I understood that and the Naira exchange rates difference between parallel market and the official rate is massive. You need to use a VPN and pay the advertised dollar rate. As you are well aware the CBN directed the banks to only use Naira within Nigeria. Hence Naira debit and credit cards no longer able to pay in FOREX. This affects everyone having to pay in FOREX badly as the official value of the Naira does not reflect its poorer purchase value. I am sure you understand that a foreign based company can not compensate anyone for such.

In Naira the Cloud Edition is NGN 190,000/year or NGN 19,000/month. Applying the Aboki rate of today US$1 = NGN750 this would equate to US$253/year and US$25/month. The actual rate in US$ when using VPN is US$490/year and US$49/month. So obviously Manager will not pay-up that difference (almost half).

OK, but you still don’t understand what I mean.

My other recent cloud subscriptions were paid with my US dollar card but the subscription plan was in Naira(190k yearly. I don’t know it was converted but the charges on my US DOLLAR card was ont up to 490dollars.

Thats just my point

@nickyrub, you seem to be asking for a subscription plan quoted in one currency but paid in another, although it really is not clear which way you want this to operate. Regardless, Manager offers no such option. Your plan will be billed in the currency of the card provided.

Exactly as last year you could pay with a Naira card but no longer. Hence my advice to @Lubos: