Subscribe to my account

i purchase subscription for One Year and i did not activate my purchase even i have the Product key , since the free trail expired i can’t log into my account .

please help

It sounds like you are on the cloud edition. Is that correct? And what are you trying to do?

Have you been to the Customer Service page: If you want to resolve a billing question, contact the email address given there.

i sent e mail to all and still no solution and the whole day i can’t log to my account

my quotation how to activate my Product purchase as i paid for One year subscription

hello are you still wiyh me


The people on the forum are all users and can not help you with an account problem.
Remember, the company is based in Australia so may not be open when you are depending on your location

the web is not helping me and no any contacts Number how can i save my business

@sayedborai, I find it interesting that you waited an entire year without activating your account. Now, it has somehow become an emergency because you did not receive an answer within 2 hours. Yet you also did not answer the questions I asked you.

i was on free trial for 7 days after and on march 22, i purchase One year subscription for Cloud edition but i did-not activate my purchase and suddenly my subscribe disconnect which effect my business
please help.

And you still have not answered the questions. If you do not answer important questions, no one can help.

Did you go to and click on 0000000 Bug 1a