License Server Edition

I have installed the ubuntu server edition, I want to purchase a license, please how do I go about it? I have sent email to billing with no response.

there is no separate license for server edition now.
you should sign up for the cloud edition and choose the annual plan. When you sign up, you will automatically receive a server license.

What about exiting annual cloud edition subscribers, how can we get the server edition license?

you can renew for the annual plan of cloud edition. you can either continue on the cloud or self-host Manager on your own server with the license received along with the renewal.

Thank you for your advice, I want to buy from Nigeria and it keeps saying card not supported. can I pay via paypal please? if yes how?

Inquire at

It is understood from @lubos post on another topic that every paid customer will gain access to both edition.

Moreover, my subscription expires only after seven months.

Thank you for your response, I have sent an email to no avail. It was because I didnt get a reply that I came to the Forum