My cloud subscription

I have been struggling to make my yearly cloud subscription. Does this means that my payment has gone through? This is a screenshot from my billingportal. But I Didn’t get any receipt of payment. My account deducted too

If your credit card was charged and your plan renews a year from now, what else could it mean? Your credit card charge is your receipt.

Tut, am actually worried because I still got a mail and my invoice was sent to me for payment.

On my billing portal too, my payment is still showing “past due” and am still getting warning on my url

Well, no one on the forum can resolve a billing question.

Well, who can?
Because the support email takes a longer to respond

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What struggles have you been dealing with, as you mentioned?

If a payment transaction has occurred, it should be possible for you to confirm it by checking your own account or with your bank.
Anyway, your subscription is not going to be canceled immediately, do not worry, just send an email to and explain your ‘struggle’

You seem to have waited perhaps 6 hours on a Sunday for a response from the developer, who is 9 time zones away from you.