Sub Items

Can we use sub items for each item types?

What would be the purpose?

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Its much more importance when we categorize similer items together.if we use sell books we could categorize those books by 100 pages ,80pages,200 pages like wise

Same theory for chart of account can be applied

In Manager, you can have sub-accounts in Chart of Accounts but that’s not what you are asking about.

So once you categorize items, what benefit do you expect to get?

You can create custom fields on inventory items or non-inventory items which can capture that information if you like.

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Directly effect on proper reporting.Actually I am still studying your “Manager” May be your system also has similer feature for my purpose.anyway you have lot to add to this.I really like to help you and i am working with Quickbook for long time.Normally my mind always going to compare this with Quickbook,sage,peachtree and other accounting softwares.will make this amazing :slight_smile:

let me check sub account on chart of account

but there isn’t possibility create different types of rent expenses under “Rent” Category
Building Rent Expenses

  • Office Rent
  • Shop Rent
  • Factory

In Chart of Accounts you can create groups and accounts. Groups can be within other groups.

Rent account you are editing is an account, not a group. You can delete that account if you have no use for it and create Rent group instead.

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Thanks I got it and tried it :slight_smile:

@csct, your screen shot just published your bank account numbers for the world. I recommend you delete it. If you are lucky, no one will have noticed.

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@Tut Thanks Buddy for your concern