How to create sub-accounts in Chart of Accounts

I want to create sub accounts of accounts in my ledgers. In the current system (I think) accounts can be created only under main heads like assets, liabilities expenses income etc. But I want to create sub ledgers for the ledgers. Is this is possible?

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It’s not currently possible but right now the work is being done on Classified Balance Sheet and Multistep Income Statement. These two features will enable you to group and reorder accounts in any way you like.

Thank you lubos for the great work.
just want to ask if there any update on Classified Balance Sheet and Multistep Income Statement.

I was working on it briefly back in May but wasn’t able to complete the module before I had to move onto something else. I’m planning to work on it again in July so hopefully next month it will be finally available.

This feature has been added.


I would also like the possibility to nest accounts up to any level; it is fairly standard in professional accounting systems and very important to be able to produce comprehensive business analytics. It would not make the user experience less intuitive/easy, quite the contrary. You would just need to allow us to enter another Account as the Parent/Category, instead of the current 4 options in “Category”.

In addition to this for obvious hierarchical relationships (like to have multiple sub-accounts for expenses or loans), it would be great to support nested groups in Classified Balance Sheet and Multistep income statements. This would allow complete control over the presentation. A simple implementation would be to allow us to enter a “parent group” when editing a group.

Being able to save different versions of “Classified Balance Sheet” and “Multistep income statements” nested groups would be a must have feature, so that we could produce reports with different granularity levels based on business needs (for example a very basic balance sheet vs. an extremely detailed one for internal analytics).
Maybe it could make sense to regroup these two nesting groups (balance sheet and income statement) into a single “Classification” settings item.

As a side question, are employees in “Employee clearing account”, and bank accounts in “Bank accounts” internally handled as sub accounts (they really look like)?

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Yeah, Cash at bank is control account that contains individual bank accounts as sub-accounts. The same goes for employees.

In future, it will be possible to have multiple versions of multi-step income statement and classified balance sheet.

Now, as for sub-accounts. If I would to add nested groups support to multi-step income statement and classified balance sheet, that should eliminate requirement to have sub-accounts on chart of accounts level right?

Thanks for the clarification and good to know that having statements templates is in the roadmap.

Yes, if you add nested groups support, that should eliminate the requirement to have sub-accounts on chart of accounts level. This is the most important feature to easily produce nice and insightful reports.

In a later stage, you could still add the possibility to nest accounts directly in the chart of accounts (since this is already the case for bank, employee and maybe client accounts, that may be a pure UI change). In France for example, I know it is a legal requirement to present nested accounts following the official “Plan comptable général”. It may be the same in other countries. While it could be already achieved with the nested groups support, it would make it a bit more “native”. Again, not a prioritary feature IMHO compared to nested groups.

Thanks for a great product.
I have a question regarding the balance sheet. Here in Croatia the balance sheet is structured like this:

Passive part (Equity + Liabilities)=Active part (Assets)

Is it possible to create a Balance sheet report with the above structure?

Thanks for the great work.

I will appreciate nested group support too, for the Classified Balance Sheet and Multistep income statements. Nowadays, I have to pass account balances to Excel and reorder them to make the Balance Sheet looks like the law asks at Guatemala. But that feature will save me a lot of work and will help to avoid some human errors by not having to manipulate the data.


The forum states that the sub-accounts feature “… has been added” but how is it implemented ? I can’t see how to do it.

Sub-accounts under Chart of accounts haven’t been implemented. You can group accounts on reports such as balance sheet or profit & loss statement and many are using this as a substitute for sub-accounts.

Originally I didn’t like the idea of sub-accounts under Chart of accounts but lately I came to conclusion that it’s probably more intuitive than setting up report layouts so I will end up implementing it sometime this year.


The value of sub-accounts is when there is a main account, eg: Motor vehicle expense, then there are sub accounts for: Petrol and Oil costs, registration and insurance, maintenance expense, etc. Similarly for a general account of Insurance expense, there are various subaccounts for different insurances. The parent account needs to simply SUM the sub accounts. Having used MYOB I used a 5 digit number for the CODE of my accounts and then used this to nominate the sub accounts: 61600 - Insurance -
61610 - Insurance General -
61630 - Insurance Professional Indemnity -
61640 - Insurance Workers Comp
Alternative would be to have the last two digits changed to an alphabetical character
616A, 616B, etc. I am wondering whether the use of the code is a way of then arranging for the SUM of the sub accounts to be calculated for the parent account?

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I would throw my hat in on subaccounts. Not only do we use subaccounts to clarify our bookkeeping, but our taxes some of our reporting to stakeholders require the use of certain subaccounts. This seems like the only thing that’s seriously missing from an otherwise inuitive and powerful program. I can’t wait to see it implemented.

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that would be an awesome face lift of

How can create 2 Fixed Assets account - one for Land and building and another for office furniture in your current sub account systems?
Right now, we see all items under Fixed Assets and if i want to see them separately, i have created separate Assets accounts with different heading but the problem is I cannot use the automate depreciation calculator if I do this.
Can u pls help?

You should have only one Fixed Assets account. Inside Manager, this is a control account. Within it, you create individual assets, which are subaccounts. If you create another fixed asset account, you can’t enter individual assets in it or depreciate them in a way that takes advantage of other features of the program. For example, Manager won’t include those assets in reports. In other words, only the default Fixed Assets account is “smart.”

I understand but how can I display all the sub-accounts (under Fixed Accounts) on the Balance Sheet report?
Similarly, I would like to see all the banks and various cash (multi currency) separately on the BS.

No balance sheet I have ever seen for any size or organizational type of company has listed individual fixed assets. That is what the Fixed Asset Summary is for.

I’m fairly certain that isn’t possible because of how various accounts are hard-coded in the program as part of the control accounts for cash at bank and cash on hand.

Fixed assets can be further classified as ‘Furniture and fixtures’, Office equipments’, plant and machinery’, etc., and these definately do appear in the balance sheet. Balance sheets do not have to show individual items under Furniture and fixture but that sub-group definately needs to be clearly shown and listed.

Some balance sheet do show that but manager has a report called “Fixed Asset Summary” you can add that report to your report to whoever is concerned