Sub-account in a expense account

@Shehzad, you can have subsidiary accounts, you just need to create them within their own Group.

However, unfortunately you can’t collapse that group on the main summary tab, but you can collapse it when creating the P&L Report.


Separately, I will create an Idea’s topic suggesting that the “Groups to collapse” option be also available under the Summary tab.


No, it wasn’t. The idea of needing multiple transactions was my response to your suggestion of including payments to multiple individuals on one payment form. That remains a poor practice. I am surprised that, as an accountant, you would recommend it.

No problems. We are all looking for what would work. and though I see my post and recommendation as a very good one considering the circumstances and objective, yours might be better especially as I am new to Manager and I see you as a very experienced user. If you said it was a poor recommendation then it must be and I will need to go look at my recommendation critically. I may have mis-understood the original post or have had a poor understanding of the software. Unfortunately it is not possible to see which solution is actually applied that solved a problem.

My opinion has nothing to do with my experience with Manager. And just because something comes from me does not mean it is the only valid point of view. In this case, my opinion comes from a belief in accuracy of accounting records: who was really paid, how can a transaction be most accurately described, and which approach lends itself best to understanding events after the fact.

I do not believe there is a solution to the question originally asked, because subaccounts of expense accounts are not available in Manager. @Brucanna’s idea may come closest to what was originally wanted, although it involves additional accounts and groups rather than subaccounts. It’s biggest advantage is the ability to use built-in reports to extract information.

your ideas is really good, but same thing here that i want the summary page to show collapse cutting charges, not to show subsidiary accounts. but as you said you are gonna create suggestion for “groups to collapse” option should be available under the summary tab, that would be appreciable. thanks

well i found a way without custom field, it’s custom report. yes, i enter 'service provider name in ‘payee’ field, and then create custom report (image attached)

and the result is same as i wanted!

Kudos.I appreciate your effort. And it opens more possibility through custom report. Manager really is a robust software, Intelligent One, I can say. Am getting facilitated and I think one need only to imagine it and Manager can deliver it.

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The main problem is that level line custom fields can only be a text field. No other option. Enabling different kind of custom fields, like for header position would be a great step forward.

I am sorry, @Davide, I do not understand the connection of your last comment to this discussion. Can you please explain what you mean in more detail?

I mean that we could make a better use of line level custom fields if @lubos enables the possibility to choose the typology of the field, ie single line text, drop down etc etc.

For example if we want to use the custom field to split revenues a drop down menu would make the reclassification less error prone. If we need to insert a date we could use the drop down calendar…

Ok. I agree with you. But that is separate from the subject of this thread.

On the summary page, is it possible to have a collapsible sub-accounts for Expenses as shown in the image? When there is a need for multiple sub-accounts under various expense categories, the summary page becomes too long.
Screenshot 2021-02-17 073354

This is done with groups. Read the Guide about building a chart of accounts.

The previous screenshot displays the entries listed under the Group Linen (I added + and - symbols to denote collapsed and expanded view). On Summary screen, the main account Linen is not collapsible.
On Summary screen, under Expenses, is there a way to display only the main account (Group) and hide sub-accounts under each main account (Group)?
Screenshot 2021-02-17 130012

An example from Assets on the Summary page:
Screenshot 2021-02-17 131653

This kind of option would work too.

This is not possible with the current implementation of Manager.

Is there a plan to add collapsing of sub-accounts of a main account (Group) under Expenses on the Summary page as a feature in a future release of Manager?

You should check if it is in the Ideas or not. Being in the Ideas is not a guarantee that it will be implemented

Thank you, Davide. I found the same request in Ideas and I have voted for it.

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