"Groups to collapse" option be available under the Summary tab

Currently under Reports BS and P&L there is an option to collapse groups.
Could that same option be made available under Summary tab “Edit”


Is there any update on this very valuable suggestion, In fact i need it the most, as the summary page get very long without this option. Please look into it

Hello, admin, please look into this aspect

Be patient, @CEOHaaks. There are 212 ideas already in that category, and this is one of the newest. Meanwhile, I notice you have not voted for it.

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I m for it dear

It was there in Nov 19, and couldnt see reply thereafter so reminded.

Reminders are not effective, especially two in 8 days. An idea just recently implemented was the second one on the list over three and a half years ago. Seldom do we know the developer’s plans for the program.

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I have voted for the idea. Discussion at Sub-account in a expense account - #36 by AA2

I hope @lubos add this option ASAP.

I think admin has not taken this idea seriously, otherwise by now its turn would have come. This is very essential and would save a lot of time. Please look into it.

I am not against the idea, but just out of curiosity why would this be so? From a programming perspective, the speed would not be different as collapsing parts is a cosmetic feature where the whole page will still have loaded all the summary information. From a user perspective, it may actually take more time because I would need to click on some group header to uncollapse it if I want to see all items.

Thanks for query, infact summary means compact and min info, whereas now a long pages is shown, so one has to find exact info. So it will always save time of executive to see summary. Regards

If the summary is for executives would it not be better just to email them the 5 key financial statements using the reports function in Manager?

Dear sir, r u from software development team or user??

As far as I know, @lubos is the software developer. Users help each other on this forum and some are moderators such as @Tut. The questions I asked and comments I made are as a user because I was interested in your claim that collapsing a summary screen would save a lot of time.

My opinion, this is a great idea of the year .In fact, this should’ve been an aption in the Summary page. For example, we have group account as "L/C (Letter of Credit) and we put individual L/C under this group. We open new accounts for each L/C which could be almost 100 accounts per year. So, just imagine how lengthy would be Summary page not to mention this happening to other accounts. So, with the option to collapse the page and expand a required group could be great PLUS :+1: to Manager if implemented.

I hope @lubos would consider this option in the near future. I’ll definitely vote for this idea.

So, it seems…

@CEOHaaks is right. It will save a lot of time.

This could easily be handled using custom control and special accounts

Hi @Joe91 Thanks for your suggestion but, the suggestions you made has nothing to do with the topic of SUMMARY PAGE COLLAPSE. The reference is to SUMMARY PAGE ( a view of trial balance & P&L) at a glance. This summary page gets longer & longer as we make GROUP ACCOUNT and as continue adding sub-accounts to Group Accounts. If Collapse groups, we can shorten the page drastically while still have the option to expand GROUP ACCOUNT for a particular view

@sonicgroup I think the suggestion by @Joe91 to use special accounts seems like a very good way to handle your L/C’s.

I don’t know whether you have read the guide about special accounts, but if you haven’t I would recommend you do to see if this could be a solution for you while waiting for this idea to be implemented.

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I just asked for evidence, similar here why do you @sonicgroup claim that it will save a lot of time without explaining how? It would be good to learn as from a server resource perspective there is nothing to gain and to uncollapse one would have to make an extra click so costing a little more time.