Sub-account in a expense account

in my business, i pay to for lets say “cutting charges” to different service providers against cash payments, i usually enter payments in “Receipts & Payments” then account that i have created namly “cutting charges” and then enter the name of service provider in description. i want that there should be sub accounts in names of service provider like John Cutting, David Cutter etc., under “cutting charges” account, but it should not be visible in main summery page, at there, it should be only main account i.e. cutting charges, and when i want to have service provider wise report, i would be able to have that. is it possible?

No. Subsidiary accounts are not possible for income or expense accounts. A custom field would help you sort by provider, however.

oh yes, custom field can help a little bit if subsidiary account is not possible. thanks. can you help me understand that if i do this with custom field, how can i create report that want (as mentioned in previous point)

You would have to set up the custom field to show as a column. Then you can export the drill-down list from the expense account in question and export it to a spreadsheet.

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great. thanks

What if, instead of creating custom field you use multiple rows. The problem custom field may have is that it will restrict the transactions to the suppliers mentioned. But with multiple row you can mention any supplier with whom the transaction was done whether he is part of your usual supplier or not.
That is if Mr John and Mssrs Jupiter gave the cutting charges; I could use the first row to say Cutting charges from Mr John and then add row to say cutting charges from mssrs jupiter. Then the expenses account can be analysed into suppliers.
Is this not possible?

What do you mean by “multiple rows,” @Abanye? The entire question @Shehzad asked was how to separate transactions by supplier in an expense account. If you are referring to adding additional line items to a payment form, that would imply another transaction, not more information about the transaction being entered. You would need to View the transaction to see the additional information. @Shehzad is looking for a way to sort transactions posted to the same account, not open and read them all.

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Something like the attached. All payments are in the same cutting expense account which can be analysed by vendor when the account is viewed.

Unfortunately, @Abanye, your idea would be very poor accounting practice, because each payment is to a different Payee. “Sundries” has not been paid anything. Instead, “John” was paid 3000, “Jupiter” 5600, and so forth. Entering three payments, with the actual payees’ names, would give the ability to sort the Receipts & Payments tab by contact and export information that way.

Remember the objective is to analyse cash payments for the same expense but different recipients. Remember also that the vendors are not tracked separately through invoices or separate ledger account. But that while so much was paid for an expense there is need to even know what portions went to who. If it is to track transactions to vendors; this would be done via ledger account and the person who made the post wont talk of custom label because it would not be necessary at all. He just wanted to know the component of the payment without the necessity of vendor account, and he just wanted to post the payment once, not severally.

Yes, indeed. That is why each payee should be recorded separately, not grouped under “Sundries.”

If you review the original posts the intention is not to make several posts with different references using much time, or to track transactions with individual vendor (reason for going through cash and not invoice). Hence he needed subsidiary accounts he can select and when that is not possible he wanted to use custom label which will not give what is desired as the descriptions under custom label wont appear in the cutting expenses.

@Shehzad, you can have subsidiary accounts, you just need to create them within their own Group.

However, unfortunately you can’t collapse that group on the main summary tab, but you can collapse it when creating the P&L Report.


Separately, I will create an Idea’s topic suggesting that the “Groups to collapse” option be also available under the Summary tab.


No, it wasn’t. The idea of needing multiple transactions was my response to your suggestion of including payments to multiple individuals on one payment form. That remains a poor practice. I am surprised that, as an accountant, you would recommend it.

No problems. We are all looking for what would work. and though I see my post and recommendation as a very good one considering the circumstances and objective, yours might be better especially as I am new to Manager and I see you as a very experienced user. If you said it was a poor recommendation then it must be and I will need to go look at my recommendation critically. I may have mis-understood the original post or have had a poor understanding of the software. Unfortunately it is not possible to see which solution is actually applied that solved a problem.

My opinion has nothing to do with my experience with Manager. And just because something comes from me does not mean it is the only valid point of view. In this case, my opinion comes from a belief in accuracy of accounting records: who was really paid, how can a transaction be most accurately described, and which approach lends itself best to understanding events after the fact.

I do not believe there is a solution to the question originally asked, because subaccounts of expense accounts are not available in Manager. @Brucanna’s idea may come closest to what was originally wanted, although it involves additional accounts and groups rather than subaccounts. It’s biggest advantage is the ability to use built-in reports to extract information.

your ideas is really good, but same thing here that i want the summary page to show collapse cutting charges, not to show subsidiary accounts. but as you said you are gonna create suggestion for “groups to collapse” option should be available under the summary tab, that would be appreciable. thanks

well i found a way without custom field, it’s custom report. yes, i enter 'service provider name in ‘payee’ field, and then create custom report (image attached)

and the result is same as i wanted!

Kudos.I appreciate your effort. And it opens more possibility through custom report. Manager really is a robust software, Intelligent One, I can say. Am getting facilitated and I think one need only to imagine it and Manager can deliver it.

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