Strange dates generated in invoice after create

Hi, I have just started using Manager and it is excellent. I am attempting to create invoices in Manager that are historic as I have decided to use Manager for all my accounting requirements, including invoicing and I want to get this years accounting all neatly tied into Manager.

When I fill in the fields for issue and due date, they appear very wrong after I have created the invoice. For example, I am attempting to create an invoice with an issue date of 29/04/2014, and a due date of 13/05/2014. These dates are changed to 14 apr 2029 and 14 may 2013 after pressing create.

Is this some a kind of warning indication regarding the non-standard practice of historic invoicing?

Many thanks for your time in advance.

Just to add.

This is also happening to invoices that I have created today.

For example.
Specified “Issue Date” 28/11/2014 created “Issue Date” 14 apr 2029.

The date is correct within the software, but in error on the sheet template after the “Create” button is pressed, that which will be sent to customers.

Any thoughts chaps?

That’s very strange.

What is your date format set under Preferences?

See: Guides | Manager

In preferences; I have the language in English UK and the dates and numbers in norsk bokmål, whereby the date system shows 30.11.14. The numbers are correct.

I have just opened Manager now and tried again with a dummy invoice and the same thing happens. I input todays date (30.11.14) for the “Issue Date” and the invoice is created with an “issue Date” of 13 nov 1930??? Weird.

Could it be a bug in the translation of the norwegian date system?

Perhaps someone can try the same preferences in their application to see if it is happening with them.

I’ve tried to set my preferences to “Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway)” and the date input works just fine.

Can you change your date/number format to “English (United Kingdom)” and see if the problem persists or goes away?

Hi Lubos,

Okay, when I change the date/number format to "English (United Kingdom) it works fine. Could it have something to do with the fact that I have version 14.11.28. I will update to the latest version and see if that corrects things.


I have just updated Manager to 14.12.2 and the same thing happens. Todays issue date is now created as 14 dec 2001.

I have also tried Italian and Swedish and they both work fine, but changing to norsk nynorsk does not work. It seems on my Mac, Norwegian confuses the hell out of Manager. Any norwegians here having similar problems?

I will report back. But of course, at the moment, I can’t use Manager to generate invoices here in Norway. I think I should take a look in my settings on the Mac to see if that helps.


Sorry for banging on about this Lubos, but it is still not working even when I set my whole Mac to Norwegian settings and formats.

Generating a new invoice today gives me an “Issue Date” of 14 des 2002 after “Create” but the input value is correct in the system. The error only occurs once the “Create” button is pressed or when the invoice is generated as a preview of the paper copy or actual layout. So when I “Edit” the incorrect invoice, the input screen shows the correct date, 02.12.2014, pressing “Update” gives me the error date again.

All very strange and annoying, especially as it seems to be only me hat it is happening to. I am wondering, is it possible for you to contact the norwegian translators to see if they experienced any anomalies in the translation process???

I’m able to reproduce this issue on Mac OS X. Not on Windows so this is some specific compatibility issue. I will give you an update tomorrow but I’m sure it is fixable.

Great, thanks for that.

This bug should be now fixed in the latest version (14.12.11)

Outstanding! It works.