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Is it normal for inventory items to be repeated in the case of entering a purchase invoice and a goods receipt voucher and taking out a sales invoice and a delivery voucher for the goods in the inventory item status report? Is this correct?
Hope for clarification and help with that
Attached are screenshots to illustrate this

what do you mean by this? there is no such report in Manager.

make sure you temporarily set your language to English before taking screenshots. also, show the breadcrumbs at the top to identify which screen you are actually showing.

@alwakeel, without explanation, we can only guess what you are trying to illustrate with your screen shots. But they look typical for the situation you describe. When using goods receipts and delivery notes, transactions are broken into separate parts for financial aspects and quantities.

The question for you is whether your custom control accounts that you have apparently used to replace Inventory on hand are correct. If there are several inventory items represented in a single custom control account, you may not be able to easily determine that. So I suggest creating a test business with a single inventory item and entering a purchase invoice, goods receipt, sales invoice, and delivery note. Look at the result and see if it looks similar to what your real business records show.

My greetings
Mr. Tut
Thank you for your attention to the answer and the speed of response to the situation
I have already tried one of the items in the buying and selling phase, and the result is the same
First, in the case of purchase, the following was done. After receiving the goods, the stock balance did not change, appearing in the main list summery knowing that the item is supposed to appear in stock within the second picture that I sent in my previous message. but did not appear
Second, indeed, as you said, the result was that there was no repetition in the delivery and receipt bonds
What are the accounts that you referred to and what are the correct ways to do so?
Note that what I sent from the screenshots was on version 21.11.70, and the experiment was on version 21.11.76. Are there any modifications between the two versions in this disgraceful thing? Note that this has been going on with us for 3 years

it is difficult to understand anything from your screenshots because you are only showing the results of transactions you created. no one here can see how you have configured your chart of accounts or inventory items. on top of that everything is in Arabic.
post screenshots of edit screens for your account codes 12100, 2000033, goods receipt 111, purchase invoice 111.

also, goods receipts and delivery notes do not add value to the inventory items. they only update the quantities. they are listed in the transactions list without any value because Manager uses the control account for the inventory item and also helps identify the inventory movement phases.

@Tut advised you to create a test business. Once setup follow the Inventory guidelines at Guides | Manager with a single inventory item as explained by @Tut. Your response does not indicate you setup a test business as you refer to trying one of the items but as you describe it that seems to be done with the already existing business.

@alwakeel , in answer to your original quesion

Yes, it is normal as explained by Tut


@alwakeel, you are misunderstanding what you are looking at. It is not a report. It is a list of transactions created by the program automatically to record the financial and quantity movement associated with your entires. The program frequently makes such automatic entries. Please abandon your obsession with them.