is there need for icon (item of inventory in receipts )?
I know the method in the program is perpetual and I know how it work but I didn’t know what the usage of item of inventory in receipts

If you sell 2 items to a customer directly you would create a receipt upon direct payment. You would mainly create invoices when selling on credit so receipt against invoice follows when actually receiving the funds. So item selection is a must on receipts and payments if related to inventory and non-inventory items.

please , can you clarify it again
when I issued invoice the amount in sales increased and the inventory as asset decreased and inventory as cogs increased
what the relation between receipt and invoice ?
the receipt comes after issuing invoice and receiving amount
is item in receipt affect the cycle of inventory as invoice did ?

No - The Sales invoice

  1. Increased your sales account
  2. Increased your Accounts Receivable/Customer balance
  3. Decreased your inventory account
  4. Increased your Inventory cost of sales

When you record the receipt

  1. It reduces the Accounts receivable/Customer balance
  2. Increases your bank or cash account

There is no item in the Receipt when recording money paid by your customer for a Sales Invoice

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Did you mean that" item "in receipt as appeared in photo is not necessary ?
because I tried it without issuing any invoice
the entry was cah dr
cr sales
and it has effect on those accounts only and it hasn’t effect on inventory

If it is a cash sale, so no invoice created, then you must include the item in the receipt Make cash sales (sell without sales invoices) | Manager

If it is a credit sale, with a Sales invoice, then the item is included in the Sales Invoice and not in the Receipt Create sales invoices | Manager

This is all explained clearly in the Guides

in the case 1 , I did it as receipt and mentioned item
but it affected on retained income because of increase in sales and cash and revenue only
not inventory despite of listing of item

Did you enter a quantity of the item?

As I can’t read arabic, I do not unbderstand what you have entered - you could switch your language temporarily to english and then post a screen image

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The screenshot you showed should not select an item as it was receipt against an invoice. The items are already selected in the invoice as @Joe91 explained (please read the guides carefully that were linked in @Joe91’s post.)

When you do a direct sales with immediate payment by the customer you need to create a receipt and select the item in the line and add as many lines as you are selling items to that customer on that receipt. The inventory amount will change accordingly similar to when creating an invoice and so do the income and expense accounts if you have setup all as recommend in the guides.


thanks I got it

thanks I got it from the below replying from eko