Starting New Invoice Numbers from a New Financial Year from 1-April-2017 to 31-March-2018

As FY 2016-17 ended yesterday 31st March 2017, I want to Start a New Invoice Numbers for a New Financial Year i.e. 1-April-2017 to 31-March-2018 with retaining all the previous FY2016-17 data such as Sales Invoices, Customer, Inventory Items, Customer Outstanding, Suppliers, etc.

My question is if I set Period in Summary for new FY 2017-18, Old FY 2016-17 Sales Invoices are still being shown in Sales Invoices.
I have referred to your following earlier post:

I’ve started with simple number system 1,2,3… for earlier Sales Invoices for FY2016-17.
Now I want to Restart with the same number system 1,2,3… for FY 2017-18 with retaining all the previous FY 2016-17 data.

Is there any way If I create an additional New Business for FY 2017-18 & import all the previous FY data to new one without old FY Sales Invoices?

Kindly help…

No, the best thing you can do is prefix the new year invoices with 17 so you have 170001, then 170002 etc.
Then next year do the same with 18.

It will be easy if Manager gives an option in Sales Invoices to display only currently manually assigned Set Period Sales Invoices for e.g: Start Date: 1-4-2017 & End Date: 31-3-2017, then it will should show only that entered period Invoices. It means Manager should not show all the earlier FY 2016-17 Invoices unnecessary.
If somebody want the previous Invoices just change the Period…

As per your suggestion in India we also start Financial Year ending in other Finanacial Year i.e April 2017-March 2018… I it could have been easy if I generate Invoices with this number system 001/2017-18, 002/2017-18, 003/2017-18… prefixing Invoice No. first & then the FY.

In Accounting software like Tally in India they allow to split the Company as per Financial Years, retaining & carry forwarding all the previous Year data without any old Sales/Purchase Invoices to start with only New Entries of Sales/Purchase Invoices… The Inventory Item, "Inventory Stock in Hand, Customers Data, Suppliers, etc., remains the same & is carried forward to the current accounting period.

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This would be unwise. There are many, many reasons for looking up older invoices. Changing the set period changes everything in the program and would, in the long run, be very problematic.