New invoice number in new financial year

How to start new invoice number in new financial year ? How to carry forward all the closing balance ?

One of Manager’s best features is that you don’t need to do very much to close accounting periods. See the Guide at Guides | Manager. All balances are continuous. For income and expense accounts, which are normally closed and restarted for each financial period, simply reset the date range by clicking Set Period at the top of the Summary.

If you find it necessary to restart invoice numbers, you must use a “numerical” scheme. Manager searches for the highest invoice number and adds 1 to it. So if you start your invoice numbers with year digits, you can accomplish what you want. For example, on the first invoice of 2015, manually overwrite the invoice number to 150001. The following invoices will be 150002, 150003, etc. In 2016, start with 160001. But you cannot use any other text besides numbers. This means you must predict how many invoices you will have in the year, because after 159999, you will get 160000, possibly before 2016. If you have that many invoices, you should start with a larger number, like 15000001.