New Invoice number

As FY 2016-17 ended yesterday 31st March 2017, I want to Start a New Invoice Numbers for a New Financial Year i.e. 1-April-2017 to 31-March-2018 with retaining all the previous FY2016-17 data such as Sales Invoices, Customer, Inventory Items, Customer Outstanding, Suppliers, etc.

My question is if I set Period in Summary for new FY 2017-18, Old FY 2016-17 Sales Invoices are still being shown in Sales Invoices.

Yes, just as you should expect. Those old sales invoices affect your current position, and Manager is a perpetual system. Suppose some of those old sales invoices were not yet paid by customers. Would you want them to disappear? Obviously not.

Likewise, inventory items sold on those older invoices affects the current balance of inventory in stock. Would you want to forget that you had sold them? No.

Suppose you want to look at a customer’s history, or the customer calls to order “the same thing I bought last year.” Would you want to tell the customer you have no idea what was purchased last year? Of course not.