How to start Invoice Numbing from the beginning?

How to start Invoice Numbing from the beginning?
For new Financial year. Right now we have sales invoice Numbers with previous financial year … Like 98
Now I want to start with beginning for new financial year… so need sales invoice will be start again from number 1 (one) and then automatically increasing…
How can we do that? [Manually I can put once but after that I need automatic Numbering for sales Invoice]

I read the guides… Like accounting periods, But Its just change the Summary. Not solve my Sales Invoice Numbering from beginning… Like 1, 2, 3…
Is there any way to start It from beginning? can Lock Date help in this? Or any other method/solution?

You can’t start from 1, as Manager will always increment based on last highest number.
Besides it would be bad practice to re-start from 1, as your system would then two number 1 invoices, next year there would three number 1 invoices. But you could give invoice numbering a prefix like 17 for 2017, then each year could 17001, then 18001 and the Manager numbering will perfectly.


What about including characters for example, PFxxx for profo-forma invoices, CRxxx for Credit Notes, and INxxx for invoices?

Thank you

The Manger auto numbering works on numerals only, regards of prefix

Be sure if you use a numeric prefix as @Brucanna suggested, that you leave enough leading zeroes after the year to accommodate all you expected invoices for the year.

For example, 1701 will be followed by 1702, 1703…1799. But the next autonumber will be 1800, not 17100. And using hyphens will not work, as they are ignored. So 17-99 will still be followed by 1800.