New Fiancial But Invoice Number Not Change

I am using manage till Aug 2017. An I am working on it very well but now a days i am suffering from the problem which is comes when my fiancial is charged.

At 31 mar 2018 my financial year is closed. And my new fiancial year starts at 1st Apr 2018. When I generate new invoice but my invoice Number is generate with old serial number. And I want to start with new serial.
Please solve it

You can enter a number for your first invoice of the new financial year. As long as it is bigger than the last invoice of the old financial year, then the next sales invoice will be +1, etc.

You cannot, as I understand it start your invoices at 1 each year.

You could use 190001 for invoices for the new year, then 200001 for next next etc.

A lot of companies just continue the number from one year to the next.

Why do you want to have a new number each year? What purpose does it serve?

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Thanks You Solve my problem I Understand the Logic.

Can I use Underscore Or Dash Between numbers to differentiate it

You can put in anything you want, but Manager will ignore punctuation marks and look for numbers. So you will then need to edit every invoice manually. Why bother? Just be sure, when using @Joe91’s method that you start off with enough zeros to accommodate all invoices for the year.