Starting from scratch

After uninstallation and reinstallation, Manager reads everything again. How can I delete all recordings of Manager and start from scratch?

What version are you using? There used to be a bug in older versions which would automatically recover deleted businesses. Upgrading to the latest version will fix the issue.

I downloaded today this version of manager… (Manager 14.12.22)

OK, so what do you mean by “Manager reads everything again”? If you want to delete the whole business, use Remove Business button.

It seems like windows have databased all of my entries and after

  1. removing all data
  2. uninstalling manager
  3. rebooting
  4. downloading latest manager edition
  5. installing manager msi
  6. running the program

All of my entries complete with bank account entries, client account entries etc, are still there

No need to reinstall the program or restart computer.

What steps did you take to “remove all data”?

Control panel → Add/remove programs → uninstall manager

No, that’s not how you remove data. Uninstalling program never deletes data. If you uninstall MS Office, do you expect it to delete all your Excel spreadsheets and Word documents? Don’t think so.

If you want to delete a business, open Manager and click big red Remove Business button.

One last question. By clicking Remove Business button, all data are removed? Both desktop and server edition?