Removing a business seems to be too easy


Can we get (free desktop users) some sort of warning and a password before deleting the company data from Manager, because right now I can easily delete the company data very easily specially there is no auto backup mechanic. So let us say I have a one week of work then some one just delete it (or I) by mistake… All that work will’ve been gone with no chance of restore it???

Thank You

Yes it is very easy to delete a business.

But if you are making regular backups to a memory stick you will not “lose” the accounts already created, they will still be on your back-up storage device.

I don’t think this is an issue… When you remove business in Manager, it will not actually delete your data from your computer. Data file will be still available in your Application Data folder.

Removing business will simply remove it from the list of businesses. You can “undelete” business by manually going to Application Data folder and importing back .manager file you will find in there.

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Thank you… I got it the removal for removing the business from the list only but you can easily just locate the file and re-imported it…

Please let me know how could i recover my business that was accidentally (by mistake) i removed.

I am using Ubuntu version.

Go to About Manager tab to see in which folder is Manager data stored. You should see there bunch of files with .manager extension.

Then you can click Add BusinessImport Business... and import the .manager file which has been previously deleted.