Customer Opening Balance

I am trying to enter starting balances of customers through batch process. When I enter the starting balances, it takes all balances to credit balance instead of debit balance.
The control account is pre defined under assets and there is no option to change account type i.e. debit or credit.

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Please adivse.
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Would you please guide me

To enter starting balances - please read the guide Enter starting balances | Manager

To enter balances for suppliers and customers you need to set a starting date and enter any unpaid invoices - the procedure to follow is clearly indicated in the guide

After reading the guide, if you still have any questions, come back and ask them here

I have read the guide however it does not solve my issue. Please look into my query and reply accordingly if possible.

Your post is confusing. You do not say whether you are using Batch Create or Batch Update. Either way, the only starting balance available for a customer is a credit balance. You also do not mention what kind of control account you are referring to. And control accounts are not designated as debit or credit. So it is not clear what you are trying to do.

In addition to the Guide @Joe91 linked, there is another specifically focused on customers: Set starting balances for customers | Manager.

I have reviewed all these guides. I my shifting from Quickbooks to Manager. I want to shift customer balances into manager which are all debit balance and there is hardly any credit balance. Let me know how to shift these debit balances.
I have already read all the guide thoroughly but couldn’t get an answer

When i shift the balances through batch create, it automatically changes all balances to negative amounts and reflect it as credit balance

These receivables should ideally appear under assets and Accounts receivable as debit balances

You need to enter the unpaid sales invoices which represent the customer starting balances

Manager needs you to do this so that when you receive a payment it can be offset against an unpaid invoice

And the way to get them there is completely explained in the Guides @Joe91 and I have linked.

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