Starting balances

I havnot put in starting balances before for account recivable/payable I can not find them in the list what am I doing wrong

you need to enable tab for customer and suppler under Customize

Yes of cause how silly of me thank you

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It looks like you have created an account for “bank account” in the chart of accounts rather than used the Create in the Bank tab. This will limit your ability to use some features of Manager.

Please read the guide on Bank accounts

No I have not created a bank account in the chart I created it under the bank account tab. its all good solved now. I dont need to read the guide. I have never like using starting balances I usually enter the year befores accounts from previous data given to me but this was unavaliable. I know how to set up manager just it was a long time ago when I did accounts recivable/payable

Well, there is something wrong. If you create a bank account in the Bank Account tab, it does not show up as a separate line under Starting Balances as your display shows