Bank account starting balance

Hi, just downloaded Manager. Trying to set it up from scratch. I have added my business name, have done the functional tabs and now wanting to add the bank account but it does not give me the tick box for the starting balance like in the guide.
I have set the date under the settings - starting balances to 1 feb 2018 and then that page it shows me a retained earnings under equity. I am not sure what this means.
Please help. I want to have one bank account and one cash on hand account for actual petty cash. The bank account must start with the opening balance on 1 Feb 2018.

Starting balances are set in Settings / Starting Balances - see the guide here Enter starting balances

I don’t know what you are referring to. All starting balances were moved under Settings, and the Guides on setting up bank and cash accounts, as well as the general Guide on starting balances, were updated at the time. See this Guide: Manager Cloud. Because both Cash at bank and Cash on hand are control accounts, you will have to drill down through the starting balances shown for those accounts, then edit the relevant account. (In your case, there will only be one of each type.)

Retained earnings is where the undistributed net balance of all income and outgo since creation of the company is posted. If you don’t understand this, you need to familiarize yourself with double-entry accounting. I recommend starting here:

Hi Joe
Thank you, I actually figured it out. Quite complicated :wink: I had to go to Settings / Starting Balances and when I set the date there, the Cash at Bank were listed then you click on the 00.00 in blue and THEN on edit next to the account name.
There was the starting balances option!!!