Starting Balance - Cannot understand why un-entered items appear

Am having trouble with opening balances. I have entered all the opening balance for accounts that were possible based on the balance sheet. For Customers & Suppliers, I created a back dated dummy sales and purchase invoice so as to get the customer and supplier by date. That done, when I go to starting balances, I get the following screen:

Can someone please explain why those sales and purchase invoices appear under starting balance?
I would have normally entered all opening balances as a journal entry where in I debit or credit the particular account and pass the corresponding entry to retained earnings. Unfortunately, with Manager I cannot do this as it will not be possible to select the bank account or the petty cash account or many of those subledger accounts from within the journal voucher.

If someone can help me, it would be great as I have promised my boss that I’ll have all the data in Manager by end of today! :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you

I think you have entered the information for Customer & Suppliers starting balances incorrectly.

Have you followed the guides Set Starting balances for Customers and Set starting balances for Suppliers

Have you set a starting date? Set Start Date

You do not use a journal entry to enter starting balances - see Enter starting balances

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@Paparazzi, your screen shot shows transactions in the Starting balance equity account. This account is an automatically created account Manager uses to balance the accounting equation: Assets = Liabilities + Equity.

If your accounting entries don’t balance, rather than discarding them, Manager forces them into balance by making automatic entries in Starting balance equity. You can view and edit the erroneous transactions until the account disappears. If you enter your starting balances in accordance with the Guides @Joe91 linked to, nothing should appear in that account (unless you have made other mistakes).

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Just went through the guide that @Joe91 pointed me to and realized that although I got the results I wanted to, the approach was not entirely as clean as it could be had I followed the guide.

I am now therefore reworking the opening balance.

In my excitement to use Manager and hurry to get things done, I made the cardinal mistake of starting with current data even before entering the opening balance. Realized it now and making amends. I guess some lessons are learnt the hard way! :pensive: